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Do you want a floorstanding tower speaker, or a pair of bookshelves? Are you designing a full-range speaker or a subwoofer? Those are highly advanced designs that incur their own set of difficulties and design challenges.

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Example : I want to go with a tower design that is ported. Where will that port exist front or back? Each of these considerations needs to take place before proceeding too far down the path of loudspeaker design.

For now, just know that you have some preliminary decisions to make before going too far. Some, however, may opt to roll their own passive crossover network—perhaps based on a computer recommendation or an existing kit design.

It all depends on how far you want to take or customize your loudspeaker design. While you can certainly design a box, do your own math, and add your own drivers, investing in a good piece of speaker design software will do wonders. AJ Designer — AJ Designer speaker design software has the ability to help with bandpass, vented, and sealed subwoofer designs.

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Unibox — Unibox is more of a sophisticated spreadsheet than a piece of software. The full driver-box model includes individual control of absorption, leakage and port losses. Plus, DigiTech guitar amp modeling brings a host of effects to any performance, particularly when low stage volume is desired.

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When you need a mixer with comprehensive connections and a compact footprint, Ui24R provides the perfect, streamlined solution. Musicians can adjust their individual mix on stage while the FOH engineer optimizes the audience experience. Enjoy peace of mind with dual-path, multi-track recording of all 22 inputs and your stereo mix, directly to a USB storage drive AND a connected computer.

Traditional mixers offer lots of functionality, but can only be controlled from the mix console position. The Ui24R surfaceless mixer combines the power and versatility of a large-format console with a compact design and complete Wi-Fi control.

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With Ui24R, you can finally have the features you need, plus the freedom to control your mixer from anywhere in the venue. With the free v3.

Cascading enables you to connect two Ui24R systems via Ethernet to expand your mixing capability with a new 32x32 bi-directional audio bus. Access the Ui24R v3. Sub Box. Most Popular Subwoofer Enclosure Designs. Show the Best Subwoofer Boxes.

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Make your own Subwoofer Box Design. It's very easy! What is the Subwoofer Box for?